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Fully Licenced by Calderdale Council with Professional & Qualified Carers make sure your dog has a great day!

Fun Fur Dogs Personal Service
Personal Service

Our team have all be trained to look after dogs and have been accredited in animal health and safety so you can rest assured we know what we are doing.

We spend all day in the daycare making sure that every dog is looked after, happy and enjoying themselves. We play games and give the lots of cuddles making them feel special and loved.

We are always posting showing the fun they are having on Facebook or Instagram so check out all the photos and I'm sure you'll see your dog on there once they join us!

Training Fur Dogs


The first step is for us to understand what training your dog needs. Mark our Head Dog Trainer will have an initial appointment with you and your dog for an hour to understand what training is required.

Usually he will then spend the day with your dog, assessing their behaviour and working on correctional techniques.

Your dog will be socialised with other dogs and other dog handlers under strict supervision to establish their behaviour and work on ways to correct any anti-social tendencies.

You will be asked to return for the last hour to work with Mark and your dog to help you learn techniques to help continue the process.

This is a minimum of 1 day training from 9am to 4pm and at the end of the day Mark will advise you on whether more training would be of benefit or if they are in a good position to join Day Care or simply that they will be more well behaved at home and around other dogs and people.

Initial 1 hour meeting £30

1 Day training, with 3 hours one on one, 3 hours supervised socialising and 1 hour you & your dog £120 per day.

Fun Fur Dogs Personal Service
Training Fur Dogs
Dogs in paddling pool at Fun Fur Dogs
Day Care Fur Dogs

We love dogs and know how important it is for them to be cared for and have fun! We do things differently and that is why our customers love bringing their dogs to us.

Dogs love to have fun, run around, play and enjoy themselves. This is what we allow them to do. Our team are fully trained and know what each individual dog needs to have a great day at Fun Fur Dogs.

Your dog will be stimulated, interact with other dogs and our team, play, have a sleep if they want and receive a lot of love making sure they are happy and healthy.

You can relax knowing that we are taking care of your dog and they will come home happy and tired from a great day with us.

You can drop your dog off as early as 8am and pick them up at 5pm or if you need us to come and pick them up and drop them off there's a small additional fee of just £3.00 per way.

£22 per day, £17 per half day. Discounts for dogs from the same household.

Day Care Fur Dogs
Bootcamp Fur Dogs

This service is for reactive dogs and with behavioural problems which require 24 Hour supervision and a more intense training program. Contact us to discuss this service and your requirements.

Our Experienced Dog Handler will spend a lot of time with your dog understanding their behaviour and working to help them become more easy to handle and work so that they are calmer and happier.

This is a 1 or 2 week intensive bootcamp.

£1200 per week per dog

Fun Fur Dogs Personal Service
Bootcamp Fur Dogs
Sleeping Dogs
Stay Fur Dogs
Stay at the Fabulous Dog O'Mighty Hotel for dogs. 

Contact Vicky for more information

Vicky Antich on 07532 148 948

Our professional carers make sure your dog has a great day!

Stay Fur Dogs
Transfers Fur Dogs
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