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Alan Radley

"Absolutely fantastic place. Daisy has been going here since September and she loves it. She comes back exhausted and very happy which makes us happy too. The regular interaction with other dogs has really helped her develop and she has calmed down a lot since. Mark and Vicky and the rest of the team are fantastic with all the dogs and you can tell they all love their jobs and want to be there. I would recommend to everyone."

Angela Appypud Thacker

"My dogs have three magic words Mark, Vicky and school.Its like putting a spell on them they immediately go look for their harnesses and leads and sit sniffing the front door waiting for the sound of the gate too go.Best thing I ever done for them sending them to school they come home happily knackered."

Townfan John

"They have taken excellent care of Scamp (deaf bulldog pup!!) to the point he drags me to his pick up point to meet Mark even on days when he's not going!!! Would recommend to anyone."

Natalie Dundovic

"This place is amazing! My dog has been going since he was a puppy and cannot wait to get through the door. The staff are fantastic and well experienced and provide lots of fun to keep the dogs occupied, I couldn't ask for a better place for my dog to be while I'm at work, it has made him into a confident and very friendly boy. Excellent for socialising your dog in a safe controlled place."


Jane Miller

"Mark and his team are fantastic, my little Bubba loves being collected to go and play with all his big friends, he comes home exhausted but happy. Mark and his team give lots of cuddles and care for each dog as if it was one of their own family, thank god for this service, I have peace of mind when I'm at work that Bubba is well cared for xxxx."

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