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Prices for Your Dog to Have Fun

Daycare Fur Dogs

Doggie Daycare is a great opportunity for dogs to meet other people and dogs, interact, play and have fun in a positive manor. Dogs in daycare benefit from hours of fun, play and rest.

Your Dog will have plenty of room to roam and play indoors and outdoors all day long, there's no getting bored with us! 

Our Doggie Daycare is staffed with experienced dog handlers who all love what they do!

You can drop your dog off as early as 8am and pick them up at 5pm or if you need us to come and pick them up and drop them off there's a small additional fee of just £3.00 per way.

£22per day, £17 per 1/2 day

(Discounts for dogs from the same household attending on the same day)

Fun Fur Dogs Bootcamp

Residential Bootcamp Fur Dogs

This service is for reactive dogs and with behavioural problems which require 24 Hour supervision and a more intense training program. Contact us to discuss this service and your requirements.

Our Experienced Dog Handler will spend a lot of time with your dog understanding their behaviour and working to help them become more easy to handle and work so that they are calmer and happier.

This is a 2 week intensive bootcamp

£1,200 per dog

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